For those who like to decorate a room, they must always pay attention to the beauty in arranging the room. The beauty of this room is determined by the layout, type of material, and also the right color combination. One thing that is often a concern is the selection of room decorations, including glass vase.

The existence of this glass flower vase is not a must, but the presence of this small object on the table certainly adds to the beautiful and beautiful impression of a room. In addition to glass flower vases, other types of vases commonly used are plastic, wood, iron, clay, and flower vases made from waste materials.

This flower vase is an open container whose function is to arrange flower arrangements. The selection of the type of vase that you want to use must pay attention to several aspects, namely security and family conditions. For example, in the family there are many children, the glass flower vase must be placed in a place out of reach of children.

Because it is dangerous if they break (because they are accidentally bumped) it will actually injure them. Do you have a flower vase at home? what is the material from? pay attention to the placement and some other security aspects, yes.

Choose the right place for the glass vase. Source:
Choose the right place for the glass vase. Source:

To beautify the room, flower vases can be combined with other decorations, such as paintings, calligraphy, or the like to add to the aesthetics of the room. Please also note that flower vases have various sizes and shapes that can be adapted to the type of flower that will be placed there.

The form of flower vases that we commonly encounter is a tube with a hole at the top to put flowers. The base is round, flat, carved, or something else. The part that stands or is often called the body of the vase is the main part of its shape. Some vases have a curved body shape called the neck of the vase and then curve back up to the top. There are also some flower vases that have handles.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Glass Vase

Glass vases as a type of vase that are widely chosen by the public certainly have advantages and disadvantages. The use of glass as the main material has several advantages, including:

  • Good durability because it is not affected by cleaning fluids and other chemicals like marble floors
  • Easy to clean so you can save time when cleaning
  • Clear so as to maximize the view outside the room
  • Due to its translucent nature, it gives the impression that there are no partitions between one room and another
  • Has a very good level of stability against temperature
  • The use of glass material makes a room or building seem wider and more modern
  • Can be used for a long time without changing its properties or characteristics
  • The models are very diverse and quite easy to find on the market so that they can match the design, theme and construction interior
  • Glass can transmit light well so that during the day it does not require a lot of lighting from the lamp, it is enough to use sunlight that enters through the glass so that it saves energy and electricity.
  • The use of certain types of glass, such as tinted glass and glass block can give an artistic impression
Artistic impression with glass vase. Source:
Artistic impression with glass vase. Source:

In addition to these advantages, the use of glass as a basic material also has disadvantages. However, this can be minimized as much as possible with advances in technology and science. Weaknesses of products with glass materials, including:

  • In terms of material prices and installation costs, glass is quite expensive compared to other building materials
  • The installation is more complicated, so it requires professionals with high skills and techniques
  • Not resistant to vibration
  • Some types of glass tend to break easily, but this can be minimized, for example by using tempered glass
  • Glass walls are not able to withstand excessive loads because glass walls do not include structural walls
  • Although the glass material is easy to clean, regular maintenance is needed to clean it because the glass gets dirty easily
  • Glass cannot be repaired if it is scratched, cracked or broken, but must be replaced
  • Glass is not only transmitting light, but at the same time transmitting heat which causes a room to feel hot as well. Therefore, most glass rooms use air conditioning which of course will increase costs
There's nothing wrong with using used glass :
There’s nothing wrong with using used glass :

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of this glass vase, we can consider which products we will buy to decorate the room. Of the several shortcomings of this glass, many manufacturers have outsmarted it by using an aluminum-based frame so as not to increase the weight of the material.

That’s a brief review this time about glass vases that you need to know. Don’t forget to read other interesting articles about handicrafts and share as much as possible. That’s it and thank you.