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Harmoni meaning conformity, fit , harmony and balance, this is our goal to enable creating products which can fit into any place, furthermore function, and design also pricing of products for consumer ability is valued. We provide a wide range of unique, attractive and aesthetic local handicraft products for your home decoration. The handicraft products that we market are made by the skilled hands of local communities in Indonesia.

Creativity Meets Concern for Our Planet

We are proud to present various kinds of handicraft products that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also play a role in environmental sustainability. From recycled materials to sustainable production techniques, each of our products is designed with a love for natural beauty and environmental sustainability.



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1. Banana Bark Charger

Banana rope or banana leaf twisted / braided are coming from plant fibers which plantation originally in Indonesia. It belongs to the banana tree, which goes up to more or less 3 meters tall. The harvest of banana fruits can only be done once, after the fruits harvested the tree must be cut and removed from the ground so the other newer small banana tree which coming from the seeds buried all around can grow optimally. Mostly Banana tree grows with fruit ready to be harvested in around 6-8 months. harvested in every around 2 years.

After the Banana fruits harvest then the Banana tree is un-used anymore meaning it becomes a waste. What we do as part of medium enterprises taking on the role of utilizing waste to become valuable goods. the part we use is the Banana bark’s tree (skin layers ) which later can be woven in various weaving type.

Further more, we can help the surrounding community benefit from the utilization of this waste, both from collecting tree waste of ex banana tree to the readiness of the material to be utilized ( banana bark).

2. Bamboo Wall Deco

This bamboo Wall Deco product is beautifully handcrafted. The combination material with chunky braided in the middle perfectly make them iconic. The see-through pattern circles and added chunky braided texturing in the middle give a rich feel that will bring a modern and ‘eye catching look’ to your wall. A D-ring on the back makes hanging easy. It comes ready to hang. The item is handmade and painted by skilled artisans.

Bamboo wall decoration, Source: alibaba.com
Dried banana fronds for making high-value crafts, Sumber: gourmetamigurumi.com

3. Banana Basket Box

Made from natural banana barks which are widely available in the village in Indonesia then twisted with threads stitching in checkers patterns, kotak is local word for checker.. Made by a group of artisans in the village who have been trained by professional craftsmen. We use 100% locally grown eco-friendly Banana bark.

4. Sea Grass / Pandanus Twisted

Seagrass is common name for calling Pandanus twisted with latin scientifi name Pandanus tectorius. This seagrass /pandanus twisted are plantation and the harvest can be done many times with unlimit live periode as long as it planted in the correct ground.

In the old days this plan is just nothing besides as a plant. The leaves just dry and fall to he ground and people left them for nothing and become waste. By improving the education, people have better more idea, having wider knowledge of design on product development. With the high skill of artisants, now local people can use the leaves. People does the harvest of leaves meet with some artisan who introduce the usage and benefit of this sea grass, such as using it to the multifunction material for making beauty of product, starting from many ways, from weave them manually, or twisting them by machine, until weaving them by combining with threads.

Presently, these products made from natural fibers like sea grass /pandanus twisted are known well and marketable in many locations. This strongly helping the income increment for the local people by involving they who harvest the leaves, also the weavers and the sellers. The ground also become cleaners because people cleaning the ground before and after doing harvest. Achieving better quality of life for the people above are the big benefit earned from this sea grass /pandanus twisted.

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