Indonesia has abundant natural resources, especially in terms of producing natural materials that can be used to make various kinds of handicraft products. Which has been going on for a long time and has been widely known to foreign countries related to the popularity of Indonesian handicrafts.

Indonesian handicrafts are much loved because of the thick traditional culture in the touch of handicrafts. This traditional taste is very closely related to philosophy, form, function, to natural materials as the basic material.

There are many types and forms of natural materials that are generally used as the basic material for making various handicrafts in Indonesia. Getting to know him is part of the effort to preserve Indonesia’s cultural wealth itself.

Knowing Natural Materials for Crafts

Because there are so many natural materials used for handicrafts in various regions of Indonesia, we will only discuss some of the most popular ones. Among other things, there are natural materials of wood, bamboo, natural fibers, to leather.

1. Natural Fiber

The first natural material, of course, is natural fiber, either from various plants or from several types of animals. Like other fibers, this natural fiber also has a tendril-like shape similar to yarn. Here are some of them

Coconut Coir

Examples of coconut fiber crafts. Source :
Examples of coconut fiber crafts. Source :

And one part of the coconut tree that correlates with handicrafts so that it can be used as a manufacturing material is coconut fiber or the skin of the coconut fruit. Of course, after the separation, drying, ropes are made and then woven as needed like wall decoration.

And one part of the coconut tree that correlates with handicrafts so that it can be used as a material for making it is coconut fiber or coconut skin. Of course, after the separation, drying, ropes are made and then woven as needed.


Rattan is also one of the widely used handicrafts. Generally the part that is used is the bark of the stem. As for the process of separating the bark generally using machine tools.

Simply put, after getting the part of the rattan skin needed, the manufacturing process is generally by weaving the rattan as desired. Starting from various household utensils such as tables to souvenirs.

Besides coconut fiber and rattan, there are many other natural fibers that can be used as handicraft materials. This includes banana leaf and stem fiber, and much more. Meanwhile, animal fiber generally uses sheep’s fleece become clothing material and so on

2. Natural Bamboo Material

Bamboo can also be used as handicrafts with aesthetic value and high economic value. As can be seen in many bamboo crafts, from design to finishing, all are attractive and very artistic with various applications. Ranging from star hotels, to boutiques and banks.

Examples of bamboo crafts. Source :
Examples of bamboo crafts. Source :

One of the popular techniques in processing bamboo material into a high-value craft is generally using woven techniques and pasting or connecting construction techniques. Because of its popularity, woven bamboo is popular to foreign countries

3. Clay

Who doesn’t know pottery and various types of ceramics made from clay. Of course the type of clay used is a certain type of clay that has plastic properties so that the soil is relatively easy to shape.

After the process of forming the clay into various forms of crafts, the next process will be carried out by burning it at an adjusted heat level until the clay becomes hard, dense, and impermeable to water. This is a brief technique of making clay crafts.

4. Wood Natural Materials

Indonesia, with its tropical forests, holds so much natural wealth in the form of the largest wood material in the world. In addition to many in terms of quantity, it also varies in terms of type. Among other things, there are types of teak wood, types of mahogany wood, pine wood, brown wood, and many more.

Contoh kerajinan kayu. Sumber :
Contoh kerajinan kayu. Sumber :

With the many types of wood materials, coupled with their availability, this material is very representative to be used as one of the superior materials in the production of handicrafts.

Crafts that use wood as the main material have several types of techniques such as measuring techniques, chiseling techniques, pasting and connecting. Good with construction, wood adhesives to the use of nails.

The process of carving and sculpting, for example. It is a process of processing wood into handicrafts that begins with sketching on wood, then the wood is carved and carved according to the wishes and needs.

5. Natural Leather

Next, of course, natural materials for handicrafts that are widely known. Yes, especially if it’s not leather. Precisely the skin produced from a number of animals such as cows, goats, buffalo, crocodiles, and many more that can be used as the basic material for high-value handicrafts.

Meanwhile, the process of making leather into various handicrafts can be started by washing it clean, stretching it in such a way, drying it, tanning it, washing it clean and drying it again, then it can be used as a craft material.

Thus is a review of several types of natural materials that are widely used as the main material for the manufacture of various kinds of handicrafts that currently adorn people’s homes, not only in Indonesia, but also in foreign countries.

With the variety of crafts that are processed by the creative hands of Indonesian craftsmen, we should be proud and take care of it by recognizing, introducing, and even supporting the growth of handicrafts by prioritizing domestic products.

Don’t forget to always take care of Craft products. Hopefully this review can inspire and be useful for you. Don’t forget to share and check out other interesting reviews. Thank you so much.