Having a variety of useful craft products can provide its own satisfaction. Moreover, it can collect various craft products that are considered rare. Because not everyone likes to collect branded goods. Some other people in different places prefer to collect unique items such as handicraft product.

Collecting selected items that we like is not just a matter of buying and storing it. But it also maintains that it remains durable and can be used for a long period of time. Well, this is where we need to know how to care for things. More specifically items that have certain characteristics such as handicraft products.

Characteristics of handicraft products

Craft products come in various forms, they are various products and are made from different raw materials. Handicraft items made from natural materials have their own characteristics. Because natural ingredients are usually easily reduced by the environment. However, natural raw materials used as handicraft products are usually added to certain substances to strengthen or extend the life of the ingredients. So that the product used is not easily damaged.

1. Have a different level of humidity

Handicraft products made from natural ingredients are usually dried during the manufacturing process before being made into products. Therefore, these handicraft products will have different resistance to environmental humidity. For example, if not stored in a dry place, some of these craft products will mold.

Cleaning Leather Product, source : antara
Cleaning Leather Product, source : antara

2. Has a different temperature resistance

Natural materials such as bamboo, water hyacinth matting, banana fronds matting, pandan leaf matting and other natural handicraft raw materials must be flammable. Because they are dried ingredients.

3. Natural materials that react with substances and their environment

Natural materials derived from these plants may react when exposed to certain chemicals. So it needs extra attention to laying down or storing handicraft items from this natural raw material.

Tips on Care for Handicrafts from Natural Raw Materials

Having handicrafts made from plants or other natural raw materials can be like having expensive branded goods. Need special attention in maintaining and using it. If you have these items, know ways to keep them safe. Because it is not uncommon for these handicrafts to become antiques and expensive.

To help you find out how to care for these handicrafts, here is some information related to tips on caring for your handicrafts.

1. Distinguish by Material

Although both are natural raw materials, there are more specific characteristics. There are hard natural materials such as wood, stems and roots. But it is not uncommon for handicrafts made from non-hard natural materials such as leaves or plants such as fiber.

By distinguishing its characteristics, we will better understand how to store and care for it. Because of course it will be different between hard material and soft material.

2. Clean periodically

Actually, all equipment and objects that we use, both natural and artificial products must be cleaned regularly. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between products that are used such as shoes and bags from products that are ornaments or accessories. The product used will usually require more intense cleaning than the items on display.

Compared to factory-made materials, products made from natural products usually need to be cleaned more often. Especially if after use of this product is exposed to dirt and foreign substances that can damage, then immediately need to be cleaned.

If it is moldy due to excessive environmental humidity, it can be given a moisturizer that can clean things such as oil. But this must be based on procedures according to the ingredients. Because oil can also be used incorrectly.

If there are dust stains, use a soft brush, cold hair dryer, or vacuum cleaner. Do not wash with water or detergent. If necessary, use a wet tissue only on the dirty part. After that immediately dry again in the sun to dry. Put silica gel in plastic before storing it. If the material is very easy to raise fungus, enter 3-4 bags of silica gel.

3. Place it in a Suitable Place

For goods originating from the same natural raw material, they can be stored in the same place. But if it comes from different natural raw materials, it should be noted. Characteristics of raw materials derived from plants can make things damaged because they interact with each other or react to the storage environment.

Maybe we’ve seen baskets made from natural ingredients. However, because the storage is not suitable, this basket is a place where animals or mushrooms and other things grow.

4. Give A Layer Or Pad

It is also possible to wrap these items when stored. For example using plastic or other materials that make these craft products stay durable when stored. It should also be noted when placing handicraft products or wrapping them up so as not to fold or break because they are bent. This coating or base can also be useful against materials that are easily cracked or broken. So that when bumped or even dropped, because of the protective layer this product remains in good condition and not damaged.

That’s him various information about the care of craft products made from natural ingredients. Check out other information about products made from water hyacinth, bamboo, pandanus and other natural ingredients in the harmoni kreasi page. Hopefully this information is useful for you.