Wall decorations with various types and varieties are among the most popular to be used as a complement to the interior design of a building. Both housing and offices. One of the strong reasons is its ability to bring interior design to life. With a note that the placing wall decor has been done correctly.

Why is the proper installation of wall hangings so important? Because, to present a comfortable and pleasant view, you don’t only need a good object, but also proper and supportive packaging or placement.

Because of the importance of the placement of this craft, it is then necessary to understand the tips about placing interior wall decorations. In addition to maximizing the placement of wall decorations, it is also to avoid dissynchronization between the interior and the wall decoration itself.

Tips for Placing Wall Decor for Interior

Different from the layout in convection, arranging wall decoration so that it can be installed with the right layout is not easy. For those of you who are very sensitive to layout inaccuracies, of course you can immediately feel it. However, if this is not the case, you can follow the following steps in terms of arranging wall decorations in the interior of the room.

1. Match the Wall Decoration Theme with the Interior Theme

The first tip in placing wall decor is to ensure in advance the compatibility between the wall decoration theme and the interior theme of the room itself. The compatibility of the theme between the two of course becomes very important for the creation of an equivalent that is not only pleasing to the eye but also comfortable to live in.

Minimalist wall decoration. Source : istockphoto.com
Minimalist wall decoration. Source : istockphoto.com

The theme of the interior is minimalist, so try to choose a wall decoration that is also a minimalist theme. Likewise with a variety of other interior themes, which will then be used as a reference for what and how appropriate themes in considering the choice of wall decoration.

2. Placing Wall Decor According to Needs

There is one thing that is no less important than just the beauty of wall decorations and also the compatibility of the theme between wall decorations and interior themes, yes, it is the use of wall decorations that are limited to meeting or answering needs. So it’s just without overdoing it in applying leather crafts and the like.

Because, no matter how beautiful the wall decoration is, if the impression of being excessive is more dominant, then all the beauty and harmony will be meaningless. So, always make sure that what you want to apply as interior decoration is really according to needs.

3. Determine the Focal Point of Decoration

The next tip is more direct than the previous tips, namely determining the point or area that will later become the focus of the placement of wall decorations. This section is also very important so that the area that will later become the main point of the application of interior decoration becomes very clear.

Focus on wall decoration. Source : unsplash.com
Focus on wall decoration. Source : unsplash.com

With the clarity of the decorative focal point, the interior tends to be more comfortable to look at because it is clear which are the main points and which are the complementary points. It’s different if the focal point of the decoration is not clear or vague, then the interior will only make people who look at it confused and find it difficult to enjoy the wall decoration in the interior.

4. Determining the Reference Line

After determining which point is the focus of the wall decoration, the next step is to make a kind of fine line as a reference for other complementary instruments so that the placement is relatively neat and organized. However, this only applies if the concept of wall decoration that will be applied is in a neat and orderly design.

It’s different if the concept to be adopted is an abstract concept that tends to be irregular. Thus, fine lines and even pointing of focus are irrelevant. Because the value of abstract concepts is irregularity itself.

5. Spacing Between Decorations

Continuing to the fifth tip, still referring to the minimalist concept in an orderly manner, what you need to do next is to provide some distance between one decoration and another. This needs to be done so that it looks symmetrical and proportional.

In addition to the symmetrical and proportional aspects, there are also other aspects that are no less important, namely giving the viewing eye an opportunity to really enjoy the beauty of the decoration while still having a break, with the focus of attention being maintained. Which is relatively difficult to happen if the layout between decorations is not very regular.

6. Set Height

The aspect of high and low placement of wall decorations also greatly affects the results of interior decoration through the overall wall decoration instrument. The reason is, a placement that is too high or too low will only make it difficult for people who want to see the appearance of the existing wall decoration.

Wall decoration with proportional height. Source : istockphoto.com
Wall decoration with proportional height. Source : istockphoto.com

With difficulty in seeing, also automatics will greatly affect someone’s difficulty in enjoying the beauty of the decoration. Therefore you should carefully consider at what height the wall decoration should be hung.

7. Composition Settings

With a note that the last tip in the arrangement of wall decoration in an interior is a proportional composition arrangement. For the placement of wall hangings with the concept of a group, you must understand there are at least 2 arrangements. The first is symmetrical placement. That is the placement that is widely used for formal and semi-formal concept rooms.

You can do the symmetrical concept for formal and semi-formal contexts by balancing both the right and left areas, top and bottom. In fact, this includes equalizing the use of themes, colors, up to the size of wall decorations.

As for the concept of asymmetrical arrangement, it is an arrangement that does not focus so much on similarity. So you are still very possible to choose and determine starting from the size, to the type of decoration that will be displayed in the room.

Well, that’s a brief review this time about tips in structuring wall decorations for your favorite interiors. Don’t forget to share and read other reviews about handicrafts. Hopefully it can be useful. Thank you so much.