Having a residence with a design according to your wishes is a satisfaction in itself. Especially if it is equipped with decorations that are appropriate and not excessive. In this case, the presence of a unique wall mirror is one of the right decoration choices to change the impression of a room.

The presence of a unique mirror in a room that acts as wall decoration can indeed add a unique accent. Not to mention, mirrors also play an important role when the occupants “get ready” every day. So apart from being functional, it also adds aesthetic value to every room.

But to create a unique and aesthetic impression, it is necessary to take into account various factors. Considering all factors before choosing a mirror can help you find a unique wall mirror option that suits your purpose, space and residential design needs.

Utilizing unique wall mirrors as room decoration, Source: wallmirrors.eu
Utilizing unique wall mirrors as room decoration, Source: wallmirrors.eu

Tips for Choosing a Unique Wall Mirror to Decorate a Room

From the previous explanation, you may be wondering how to choose a unique wall mirror to decorate a room. Therefore, consider the following tips to help make it easier to find the right wall mirror for your room.

1. Determine the Size of the Mirror

Start by choosing the right size mirror. Because this is the key to any room. Because choosing a mirror size that is too large or too small for the wall can disrupt the proportions of the room. Understand the size of the walls of the room where you want to add a mirror to choose the right size.

If the mirror is intended to provide a decorative accent for the wall, it is a good idea to choose a mirror that is the same size as the picture or other wall decoration nearby.

However, if the presence of a mirror is used as a focal point, then you can choose a mirror that is larger than other wall decorations nearby. Because it will make it stand out and be attractive as desired.

2. Mirror Style Selection

After determining the size of the unique wall mirror you want, you need to consider its shape. Because you need to know that the style and design of the mirror also plays a role in creating character in the residence.

Also, the presence of a mirror with the right shape and according to the design of the residence can emphasize the concept of the residence itself. As simple as, if the residence has a vintage concept then you can choose an antique mirror that is antique too. Because it can add a classic impression to the room where the unique wall mirror is hung. Likewise with other residential designs.

Utilization of functional, aesthetic wall mirrors, Source: wallmirrors.eu
Utilization of functional, aesthetic wall mirrors, Source: wallmirrors.eu

3. Mirror Frame Selection

Apart from size and shape, the choice of frame also influences the appearance of the mirror on any wall to create a unique impression. In this case, the type and material of the mirror frame is very important to pay attention to. Moreover, currently many manufacturers are offering wall mirrors with unique and anti-mainstream frames.

Basically, mirror frames are often made of wood or metal. However, it is not uncommon for some to be made from tiles, glass, and even unique mosaic pieces. Therefore, choose the best mirror frame to add to the aesthetics of the room walls.

But be sure to also consider the color of the mirror frame that is in harmony with the surrounding objects. In order to create harmony that is pleasing to the eye.

4. Choose a Mirror According to the Room’s Needs

Lastly, to choose a unique wall mirror you also have to consider it according to the needs of the room. We know that every residence has a room, and it cannot be denied that every room needs a mirror. Like the living room, bedroom, bathroom, even the hallway leading to a room also needs a mirror.

However, keep in mind that each room needs a different mirror. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a mirror that suits your needs. For example, in the bathroom, use a rectangular or oval mirror which is more elegant.

Mirrors with a unique hexagonal shape can be used as an option for decorating the walls of the living room, family room, or hallway leading to a room. Because after all, a mirror that is tailored to the needs of the room is not only functional but can also be an attractive decoration.

So, don’t make the mistake of choosing what type of mirror you want to apply to each room. If you choose a mirror incorrectly, it will interfere with your view too.

Adjust the wall mirror to suit the room's needs, Source: thekblondon.co.uk
Adjust the wall mirror to suit the room’s needs, Source: thekblondon.co.uk

Recommendations for the Best Wall Mirrors

After knowing several tips for choosing a unique wall mirror, it would be better if you also pay attention to the following recommendations. That way, you have a reference to choose from.

1. Oval Decoration Mirror

For those of you who like simple decoration, a unique wall mirror with an oval shape can be an option. Its shape, which resembles an egg and is slim, can add an elegant side with its curves. So even though it looks simple, an oval mirror can still show its elegance.

2. Hexagonal Mirror

Recently, wall mirrors with unique hexagonal models have become quite popular among the public. Especially for those who really like aesthetic objects, this mirror can be an alternative for decorating the walls of a room.

The shape and design, which is not like mirrors in general, can give a unique impression. Even the hexagonal shape of the mirror creates an attractive appearance and attracts attention.

3. Aesthetic Mirror

Aesthetic mirrors are a type of mirror that can not only function for looking in the mirror. But it is also a type of decorative mirror that can make residential interiors more luxurious and different. Usually, aesthetic mirrors have irregular or random shapes. But that’s precisely what makes it even more interesting and much in demand.

One form of aesthetic wall mirror, Source: amazon.co.uk
One form of aesthetic wall mirror, Source: amazon.co.uk


Those are the tips for choosing a unique wall mirror along with recommendations for you. These various recommendations can be chosen to beautify the walls of a room that may still be empty without decoration. Even so, you still have to choose the best quality mirror, and you can get that only from Harmoni Kreasi.

Harmoni Kreasi is a manufacturer of various home decorations, including wall mirrors with superior quality. So, if you need home decorations such as wall mirrors, you can contact us.