The walls of the house that are decorated will be more attractive than the plain and monotonous walls of the house. Do you agree with this statement? Of course this is relative and depends on the wishes of the homeowner. However, for those of you who like walls with various decorations, there are several benefits of wall decoration itself.

For some, maybe wall decor is nothing important. It’s like, if there are no wall decorations, it won’t change the function of the house itself. Therefore, sometimes the walls are just left empty without being attached by a touch of decorative objects.

However, there are also those who are sensitive and start making concepts for the walls of the house by adding decorations. Because actually, the wall is a strategic place to decorate because it is a flat area with a fairly large size.

Various benefits of wall decoration, Source:
Various benefits of wall decoration, Source:

What Is Wall Decoration?

Wall decoration itself is a necessary component to beautify design interior pre-existing house, specifically the walls. Wall decoration does not only refer to one type, but has various variations and shapes. Because all the elements that can make a wall look more attractive are wall decorations.

For example, such as photo frames, paintings, mirrors, murals, wallpaper, even wall molding. However, it is possible that there are also wall decorations with unusual and unique shapes. Regardless of the model and shape, the most important function of wall decoration is to beautify the appearance of the walls of the house.

Not infrequently, the selection of wall hangings can represent the character of the homeowner. But to choose a wall decoration, you also need to match it with type of furniture, match the color of the walls, and be able to provide a beautiful contrast to a room.

So, don’t just put it on a wall that looks empty without paying attention to these aspects. In addition, do not overdo it in providing wall hangings. Because instead of making the walls beautiful, it will actually make the walls of the house look messy.

Type of wall decoration, Source:
Type of wall decoration, Source:

What are the Benefits of Wall Decoration?

The installation of decorations on the walls of the house is certainly not without reason. At least, there are several benefits and advantages of wall decoration for your home, which are as follows:

1. Gives the Aesthetic Value of the Room

Decorating the walls of the house is indeed one of the right choices. Because as we all know, the main benefit of wall decoration is to beautify and add aesthetic value to a room. With wall decorations, our homes will be more beautiful and attractive to look at.

Because the house will be more alive and colorful with the right selection of wall hangings. Some people don’t even hesitate to bring wall hangings that are limited edition or don’t belong to anyone else to give a different look to their home.

2. Providing a Comfortable and Peaceful Atmosphere

Choosing the right wall decoration can also provide benefits to create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. For example, the wall decoration that is installed is a painting of a natural landscape or a village painting, it will make anyone who sees it feel peaceful.

Because as we know, a beautiful rural and natural atmosphere can provide peace, tranquility, and comfort. The story is different if you use a spooky picture painting for wall decoration, it will actually make anyone who sees it fearful and uncomfortable in your home.

3. Filling the Empty Space on the Wall

Another benefit of wall decoration is to fill the empty space on the wall. For those of you who don’t really like the appearance of blank, plain and flat walls, choosing to decorate the wall is the right choice.

You can give a touch of minimalist wall decorations such as photo frames or paintings to make the walls not look monotonous which is certainly boring to look at.

Wall hangings provide aesthetic value, Source:
Wall hangings provide aesthetic value, Source:

4. Closing the “Defect” on the Wall

Decoration not only provides the benefit of filling in the blanks on the wall, but wall decoration can also cover up the state of the “defective” wall of the house. The defects here are the paint on the walls of the house which is peeling off, damaged, holes due to nail marks, cracks, and stains that are difficult to remove.

If you haven’t had time to repaint and repair the damage, then all of these wall problems can be quickly disguised and covered up with the help of wall hangings. That way, your wall will be clean again.

5. Increase Creativity

Maybe many people don’t want to fill their walls with decorations because they think wall hangings are expensive. Even though wall hangings don’t have to be expensive and luxurious objects. The work you make yourself can also be used as an attractive wall decoration.

This not only makes the wall area attractive, but can also increase your creativity and build confidence in your abilities. Increasing creativity with wall hangings is not only obtained by us making it ourselves.

However, when you decorate a wall, it means you are creative to determine the type, color, and model of wall decoration as well as the right placement position.

6. Increase motivation

The last benefit of wall decoration is that it can increase self-motivation. Not infrequently, many people use wall hangings in the form of motivational words to be an encouragement in living life, especially in private rooms.

The more often we see these motivational words, indirectly these words will also be embedded in us, which can foster motivation and enthusiasm for a better life.

Foster motivation with wall hangings, Source:
Foster motivation with wall hangings, Source:

Those are the various benefits of having wall hangings. Currently, it is also very easy to get various wall hangings. You can buy them on the marketplace or you can come directly to the Jogja antique market.

At the Jogja antique market, you can look for a variety of unique wall decorations at affordable prices to beautify your home. Hopefully the information is useful, yes!