Printing an image or photo is indeed one way to capture every special moment. But often, printed photos are just stored neatly in a drawer, left to be damaged, even lost. Now, to maintain the quality of the printed photos you can add a frame. You don’t have to always buy it, because you can make your own wooden frames craft.

Basically, a framed photo is intended to protect the photo and also display a moment so it won’t be forgotten. But not only that, because wooden frames craft can also be used as wall decor to make the walls of your room fuller and have artistic or aesthetic value.

Currently there are lots of photo frame models that you can make as your choice. Starting from square, rectangular, to oval shapes. Even though photo frames are very easy to find on various marketplaces, of course it will be more meaningful if you make them yourself.

Moreover, to make frames craft is also quite easy, with materials that are also easy to find at home. Not to mention you can create your own according to taste with a combination bamboo material for example, or glass, to other materials. For more details, let’s find out how to make a wooden frame craft in the explanation this time.

Wooden frame for displaying photos, Source:
Wooden frame for displaying photos, Source:

Materials for Making Wooden Frames

Before making a wooden frame, of course you need to prepare the materials first. The materials needed are also not too much and they are all around you. Even if you don’t have one, you can easily get one at the store. The following are some of the materials needed to make a wooden frame, which include:

  • Wood. Because you are going to make a wooden frames craft, practically the main material needed is wood. You can use several pieces of wood according to the needs of the frame to be made. For the type of wood, can be adjusted to the needs and desires. But make sure that the wood used is strong and durable.
  • Photo pad/mat. This photo pad/mat functions as a support for the back side of the frame. You can use thick cardboard or wooden boards/plywood.
  • Glass material. Glass material is used on the inside of the frame which serves to maintain the quality of the photo. Adding a sheet of glass to the photo frame will also make the frame look more elegant.
  • Oil paint or varnish. Adding oil paint or varnish to the wood frame will also give it a touch of different color which can enhance the look of the wood frame craft.
  • Supporting material. Wood glue, wood sandpaper, cutter, saw, brush, nails, and knick-knacks. Various kinds of supporting materials are used to connect the frame into a unified whole.

Simple Ways to Make a Wooden Frame

If all the materials needed are available, then you can immediately make a wooden frames craft. To make a wooden frame yourself is not difficult and does not take long. So, see the following explanation to find out how to easily make a photo frame!

1. Measure the Photo Mat/Mat

The first step, of course you have to know the size and model of the photo frame you want to make first. After that, you can take measurements between the photo base and the photo you want to frame. Because the photo mat will be used as a support part behind the frame, make sure that the pad is the right size for the photo to make it look neater.

If the size of the base and the photo is correct, then you can cut it using a cutter or saw.

Materials needed to make a photo frame, Source:
Materials needed to make a photo frame, Source:

2. Cutting the Wood for the Frame

The next step, you can immediately start cutting wood with the desired shape or pattern, for example a square or rectangle. For one frame you need 4 pieces of wood, if you want to make more than one frame, you can adjust the amount of wood needed.

The size of the piece of wood must also be adjusted to the size of the base of the wood so that it is neither too much nor too little. So that it can facilitate the preparation process.

3. Frame Preparation Process

After the wood has been cut, you can arrange the pieces of wood and glue them together using wood glue. Wait for the glue to dry and completely bond to the wood before moving on to the next step.

Even though wood glue is enough to glue it together, you can nail the edges of the wood to get a more unified and neat arrangement of wood. But to nail it, wait for the glue to dry first!

4. Access Login Photos

Because the photo mat and photo frame are not held together with wood glue or nails, practically the photo frame and mat can be disassembled. This is intended as access to insert photos in the frame. To lock photos that are already in the frame, you can work around this using the help of small nails as hooks.

So small nails were driven into the four pieces of wood leaving half of them. Then, the nails are bent like a lock. If you want to insert a photo, you can simply rotate the nail and lock it the same way. With the help of nails, access to the photo into the frame will become more practical.

5. Frame Final Touch

If the frame is perfectly assembled, you can proceed to the next step, namely sanding the frame. Process this sandpaper This is done to smooth out the layers of wood that are still rough, so that the resulting frame is neater and nicer. After that, you can color the frame using varnish or oil paint according to your taste.

If the frame has been completed, then you can immediately add glass. You can place a sheet of glass on the inside of the photo frame using a special glue for glass, so that the glass will stick more perfectly.

For the final touch, you can add less sharp knick-knacks to the photo frame. Knick-knacks can add aesthetic value to the frame. However, even if you don’t want to use knick-knacks, it doesn’t matter because the photo frame will still be beautiful. Now, wooden frames craft are finished and ready to be displayed on the wall.

A simple way to make a wooden frame, Source:
A simple way to make a wooden frame, Source:

How easy is it not to make your own photo frame at home? Hopefully the review was useful and adds new information for those of you who want to make a photo frame. Good luck!