Even though at this time there are many materials that can be used as materials for making crafts. But in fact, until now handicrafts made of bamboo material still have many enthusiasts. But through this article, we will not review bamboo crafts, but will review bamboo itself. Watch until it’s finished to find out the full review!

Bamboo itself is a grassy plant that has hollow and segmented stems. In general, bamboo has a height of about 0.3 meters to 30 meters depending on the type of bamboo. Until now, there are more than 1,450 species of bamboo known and spread throughout the world.

For human life, bamboo has various benefits ranging from being used as a material for making crafts, used as a musical instrument, to as a building material. As with other types of plants, bamboo also has its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Get to know bamboo for making crafts, Source: lovethegarden.com
Get to know bamboo for making crafts, Source: lovethegarden.com

Various Characteristics of Bamboo Material

As with other types of plants, bamboo also has characteristics that distinguish it from other types of plants. The unique structure of bamboo from the stem to the leaves makes this material very easy to recognize.

1. Bamboo Material Has a Hollow Stem

Bamboo has an elongated cylindrical stem with a cavity inside. Not only that, bamboo stems also have hair or the Javanese people often call it glugu which when touched will cause an itchy feeling on the skin. In addition, bamboo stems also have joints or books.

Generally, bamboo culms have a diameter of between 0.25 cm and 25 cm with a wall thickness of up to 25 mm. These bamboo sticks are usually used to make various crafts such as storage box and so on.

2. Leaf Shaped Sword

Not only on the stem, the bamboo leaves also have a unique shape. Bamboo leaves are a complete type of leaf that has leaf sheaths, leaf blades, and petioles. Bamboo itself has a leaf shape that resembles a green sword with fine hairs on the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves.

Because of its sword-like shape, the ends of the bamboo leaves have a sharp shape. In addition, bamboo leaves have a paper-like texture with flat leaf edges.

3. Relatively Fast Growth Time

Compared to other types of plants in general, bamboo has a relatively fast growth period. This plant can increase its dimensions along 24 inches or approximately 60 cm in one day. Even if the soil and climate conditions where it grows are friendly, bamboo can experience more dimensions than that.

Characteristics of bamboo, Source: blog.jasminesilk.com
Characteristics of bamboo, Source: blog.jasminesilk.com

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Bamboo?

Before you actually use bamboo as a material for making crafts, it would be better if you also know in advance the various advantages and disadvantages of this one bamboo material. That way, you can use it properly.

Advantages of Bamboo Material

The advantages of bamboo materials are as follows:

1. Relatively Affordable Prices

Bamboo can be said to be an alternative material to replace wood at a relatively affordable price. The price of bamboo is usually priced according to the level of quality it has. The affordable price of bamboo material is more or less due to the ease with which this material can be found.

In fact, in some areas bamboo is allowed to grow wild. So that everyone who needs it can get it for free. So it’s not surprising that bamboo is still a favorite material for making crafts. Because with an affordable purchase price coupled with creativity, it will result in a high selling price for handicrafts.

2. Environmentally Friendly

It is very easy to find and very easy to live in various places, making this one material classified as one of the most valuable materials environmentally friendly. This is also reinforced by the relatively fast growth rate of bamboo.

So you don’t need to worry about damaging the environment if you use this bamboo material. Usually, bamboo producers will also immediately plant bamboo seeds after cutting down bamboo that is old and ready to use.

3. Light weight

Having a light weight is also one of the advantages of bamboo material. Its shape, which is not dense and has cavities, practically makes bamboo a plant that has a relatively light weight compared to other materials. With its light weight, making this material quite easy to lift and move around for the needs of making crafts.

4. Easy to Form

Another advantage of bamboo material is that it is easy to shape because bamboo has flexible and dynamic properties. It doesn’t end there, bamboo also has pretty good strength and won’t break easily when pressed, pulled, or even bent.

So it’s not wrong if this one material is often used as an ingredient for making bamboo basket which in the manufacturing process must involve the process of pressing, pulling, and bending.

Advantage of bamboo, Source: modernmississauga.com
Advantage of bamboo, Source: modernmississauga.com

Disadvantages of Bamboo Material

There are advantages, of course there are also disadvantages. The disadvantages of bamboo materials include:

1. Characteristics that are not uniform

Because it comes from nature and without machine processing, the characteristics of the bamboo itself are never the same from one bamboo to another. Not infrequently, one bamboo with another bamboo has a different diameter and even the distance between the bamboo segments is never the same.

So to use it does require high precision. But it’s a different matter if the devotee has an interest in bamboo that is not uniform. This can actually be unique in itself.

2. Vulnerable to Termite Attack

Termites are one of the nuisance animals that really like to gnaw bamboo. Especially if the bamboo is still young, in wet conditions, and has not been properly preserved, of course it becomes a very delicious meal for termites. If bamboo has been attacked by termites, the bamboo will be easily damaged and its resistance will greatly decrease.

3. Flammable

The last drawback of bamboo material is that it is susceptible to fire. Like wood, bamboo is classified as a highly flammable material. So, as much as possible, don’t place handicrafts made of bamboo material in places where fire can easily reach.

Disadvantages of bamboo, Source: imm-cologne.com
Disadvantages of bamboo, Source: imm-cologne.com

That’s a brief review of bamboo which is usually used as a material for making various crafts. Hopefully this information is useful.