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Do you like natural household items such as bamboo baskets? If yes, then you are in front of the right article. Because that is what we will discuss in detail. Yes, bamboo basket

Talking about the use of bamboo baskets in the modern era, of course, is not about sophistication, but about convenience. Yes, about convenience.

About home and comfort, you could say a comfortable home doesn’t have to be luxurious with complete and sophisticated facilities. On the other hand, luxury homes with sophisticated equipment are not necessarily comfortable to live in. So what makes a home comfortable?

What makes the house comfortable is that we as residents recognize all the instruments in the house. Not only recognize, but also like. of course this is very subjective and that’s how it is.

Types of Woven Basket

A comfortable house in addition to requiring good air circulation is also a friendly and minimalist tool. Friendly in the sense of being made of nature, minimalist in the sense of being multifunctional. In this case it is a bamboo basket. Here are some types of webbing made from nature.

1. Rattan Weaving

It should be noted that Indonesia is one of the largest rattan woven producers in Indonesia. So don’t be surprised if we find rattan handicraft products quite common in the craft market. the rattan basket is no exception.

Rattan basket. Source:
Rattan basket. Source:

Of course, not only rattan baskets, there are also various home furnishings made of rattan such as tables, chairs, cupboards, to beds. especially woven rattan, you will be treated to a variety of shapes, sizes, and models of rattan baskets, all of which are interesting to take home.

2. Seagrass Woven

The next type of woven basket is the type of seagrass basket or also known as seagrass. Still not familiar with seagrass? Seagrass is a type of flowering plant whose habitat is in shallow marine environments. Generally the application of seagrass woven baskets is used to cover pots or garden bags. Can be for indoor or outdoor.

3. Woven Water Hyacinth

The third type is a basket made of water hyacinth. One of the natural materials that is already quite popular in the world of crafts, especially wicker. why popular? In addition to the price tag which is quite friendly, the nature of the water hyacinth basket is also strong and easy to care for.

4. Woven Bamboo Basket

Now the last one, of course, is woven bamboo baskets. This type of basket is no less popular than other types of baskets. In addition, Indonesia is not only the largest producer of rattan handicrafts, but also the largest bamboo in the world.

The existence of a bamboo basket in a residence is proven to be able to give the impression of being comfortable and luxurious at the same time. It’s just that the selling price tag must be admitted tends to be higher than other types. because of the nature of bamboo which is not only strong but also durable.

Bamboo Basket Variations

Talking about variations of bamboo baskets, of course there are quite a lot of variations that you can find. Starting from size variations, color variations, shape variations, to variations in function. including quality variations. Everything can be an option for your favorite bamboo basket. You can see a few examples of variations of bamboo baskets in the following picture.

Various kinds of bamboo baskets. Source:
Various kinds of bamboo baskets. Source:

Based on some examples of bamboo baskets above, it is sufficient to represent the various types of woven bamboo baskets. You can consider all of them to beautify your home or for other purposes such as decoration and so on.

Multipurpose Bamboo Basket

Bamboo baskets are not only beautiful, durable and strong, but also multifunctional. This is the main topic of discussion of bamboo baskets this time. Then what are the functions of the bamboo basket in relation to household problems? Check out the following reviews.

Dirty Clothes Basket

The shape that has an inner space makes it possible for the bamboo basket to function as a place for storing dirty clothes. In addition, with its hollow character, it is good enough for dirty clothes to avoid moisture. Of course this is for the type of basket with medium to large size

Fruit basket

For a medium to small size basket you can use it as a fruit basket. Good for just a decorative basket on the guest table, or it could be for a picnic lunch basket.

Toy Basket

Not only for fruit, rattan baskets are also suitable to be used as a container for children’s toys, which often fill the living room so much. You can choose a bamboo basket according to the size you need.

Food basket

Almost similar to the function of a fruit basket, you can also use a bamboo basket as a food basket. The food basket in this case can connote kitchen ingredients, it can also connote food in the real sense.

As Interior Accessories

Well, one of the many functions of a woven bamboo basket that cannot be forgotten is the function as an interior decoration. Can be applied as a wall decoration, interior decoration such as a flower vase basket, to a room lighting decoration.

Rattan vases are not only strong but also have high artistic value. Source:
Rattan vases are not only strong but also have high artistic value. Source:

In addition to the five functions above, there are actually many kinds of uses for bamboo baskets. Of course, how multifunctional bamboo wicker baskets are completely at the level of your creativity.

How to Get a Bamboo Basket?

Then how do you get a variety of woven bamboo baskets? You can get it in various handicraft centers such as in the Kasongan area if the context is in Jogja. Or it could be in the craft centers of other tourist areas.

If you want to be even more practical, you can also look for references among Harmoni Kreasi products. Please visit directly our various handicraft products, especially bamboo basket crafts and the like.

That’s what we can discuss. May be useful. That is all and thank you.