Manding tourist village is one of Jogja’s tourist destinations that is a pity to miss. Although not to see beautiful scenery and fresh nature, this tourist village has a different attraction compared to other tourist villages. The attraction is a center for leather craft that has been legendary in Jogja.

As an area with a variety of interesting tourist destinations, you can visit the Manding tourist village to hunt for unique handicraft souvenirs. Affordable quality leather products are rare unless you buy them directly at the craft center. Well, for those of you who are interested in visiting the Manding tourist village, here is a variety of information.

Location of Manding Tourism Village

Manding Tourism Village is very accessible because of its location on the main road of Jogja-Parangtritis km 11, precisely on Jl. DR Wahidin Sudiro Husodo, Manding, Sabdodadi, Bantul, about 15 km from downtown Jogja to the south towards Parangtritis Beach. To find the location is not difficult, because Jalan Parangtritis is a route for various famous tourist sites in Bantul, one of which is Parangtritis Beach.

Leather Product Showroom, source Jogja Kita
Leather Product Showroom, source Jogja Kita

From north to south towards Parangtritis Beach, the location of the Manding tourist village is closer before heading to the beach. You will find a large gate that reads Manding Tourism Village. Apart from that, you will also see many shops selling leather products. If that’s the case, you can be sure you’re already on the scene. To make it even easier, you can also use the directions on Google Maps.

Tourist Village

One of the highlights in Jogja is the tourist village. Because the most tourist objects are usually interesting natural attractions such as hills, waterfalls and beaches. But this time it was different. Tourist villages not only present natural beauty, but also provide insight into the attractions and traditions of local residents.

Tourist villages are indeed an option for educational tours and anyone who wants to hunt for typical souvenirs before returning to their original place. There is a tourist village with the main products of salak fruit, pottery products and batik handicraft products. Or a tourist village that is still traditional because it maintains its characteristics and traditions such as the shape of the house, the work of its residents and daily habits which are very interesting to learn.

How about Manding tourist village? How about information about leather craft products that are well known to foreign countries? Check out the following review.


Manding is currently famous as a center for leather craft products in Jogja. Here there are many showrooms selling typical leather products. This place is suitable for anyone who likes leather products and is looking for typical Jogja products. How did you start to become a leather craft center?

In 1947, three people namely Prapto Sudarmo, Wardi Utomo and Ratno Suharjo who came from Manding village tried their luck by opening a business that sold leather craft products. Previously they were employees of a factory that produced leather products as well. Armed with the abilities they got, finally they can develop the business they founded in Manding to successful.

Leather Handicrafts, sumber Domini
Leather Handicrafts, source Domini

Currently, there are approximately 40 showrooms with around 100 craftsmen still surviving. Their production ranges from leather clothing such as jackets, to other items such as wallets, shoes, belts, bags and souvenirs made of leather. Its specialty is cowhide.

Why is the cowhide material a characteristic? Because it is different from those found in other leather product craft centers. As is known, there are other areas such as Garut which is also a center for leather craft products in Indonesia. However, the craft center in Garut specializes in handicraft products made from sheepskin.

The products sold in Manding Village are 100% guaranteed to be local products. This means that every product displayed in the showroom or sold is the result of local craftsmen. The manufacturing process still maintains the way of making it by hand. One of the advantages of the product with this manufacturing method is that the material is maintained and is more detailed because it does not require a machining process.

The various styles or styles of the products are also not only liked by parents. Because usually leather products are more to the taste of parents. There are also leather craft products in Manding Village that are contemporary in style so that young and millennial tourists will definitely be interested too.

With good quality, several sellers in the Manding leather craft center have exported their products to the Middle East, Africa and Europe markets. Leather products which are the designation of leather raw materials also consist of several types of leather. Because leather is also distinguished by several types and different quality and price.

Talking about the price, this is what can also be said as one of the uniqueness of Jogjakarta. The tradition of bargaining still exists even if you are in a place like this. So, for tourists, try to bargain the price before buying the product.