Banana stems are one of the raw materials that can be used as various craft products. Who would have thought, human creativity continues to produce products such as various handicrafts made from the following banana stems. Besides being used as food and medicine, banana stems are now also a variety of useful products for daily life.

After handicrafts made from water hyacinth, banana stems that have a texture similar to water hyacinth stems can also be woven and become materials to be used as a variety of useful products. What products can be made from this material?

About banana stems

Banana trees have stems like fibers that contain water like water hyacinth stems. Banana trees usually only produce one cluster of flowers which then becomes a bunch of bananas. After that the banana tree then dies.

If the banana tree that has been taken by the fruit is left to die, it will be wasted. Because of this banana tree there are still stems that can be processed into raw materials. This raw material is like a rope which can then be woven into various useful products.

Benefits of banana stems

Banana Stems, source : john__keri Instagram
Banana Stems, source : john__keri Instagram

Before knowing the various types of crafts that can be made from banana stems, it would be more interesting to know, various other benefits of banana stems. Most who use banana stems are people who live in the tropics where banana stalks can grow. Like Indonesia, India and other countries.

1. Food

In the middle of a banana stem, there is a part that has a crispy texture and has a lot of water content. This part of the crispy banana stalks is made into food in Indonesia, especially in Lombok. They cook part of this banana stem as vegetable meals called ares.

Not only in Indonesia, in other countries, this part of the banana stem is created into a delicious meal. In Thailand and Vietnam, this part of the banana slab is processed into a salad eaten with curry spices.

2. Decoration

It turns out that banana stalks are also useful for decoration. This can be seen at a wedding party in Indonesia. The stage decorated with bouquets is usually attached to the banana stem. Because these stems are sturdy enough but soft enough to be pierced by ornaments so they can be the base of a flower arrangement.

3. Compost Material

Compost is usually used as a soil mixture for planting. Banana stalks are also useful for compost. Although it takes a long time to break down, banana stems are good compost material. In order to decompose quickly, banana stems are usually cut into small pieces.

Painting Made From Banana Stems, source :
Painting Made From Banana Stalks, source :

4. Toys

Not infrequently children’s toys are made from natural materials. One of the natural ingredients of making children’s toys is banana stalks. Banana stalks can be made into a piggyback, weapons, swords and others. Toys from this material tend to be safer compared to toys made from hard and rough surfaces.

5. Crafts

Banana stalks can indeed be a material for making various woven handicraft products. The trick is shredded to become strands. Then dried in the sun to dry so that it becomes like a rope that is not easily broken due to fibrous. These banana rope strands are then woven.

When it becomes woven, it is then made into a variety of products. Some of the products made from woven banana stalks include sandals, bags, plate mats and various other household products.

In addition to handicraft products, these banana stalks can be processed into sheets. This sheet is then created into a painting. As well as various other products that can be created from raw materials, namely banana stems.

For the handicraft industry, making natural materials as raw materials for its products can provide advantages, in addition to potential material benefits. For example excellence in terms of materials that do not damage the environment, waste that can be lost and does not become environmental pollution and other advantages if you make natural materials as handicraft products.

That’s the various information related to banana stalks that can be used as ingredients for various needs and products, including crafts. Hopefully this information can be an inspiration for you.