Banana rope or banana leaf twisted / braided are coming from plant fibers which belongs to the banana tree, which goes up to more or less 3 meters tall. This tree can be harvested in every around 2 years time. The harvesting begins by removing the semi dry outer layer the banana tree trunk. Once it removes, it requires some step processing. It is laid under sun to dry them selves.
banana 2aOnce the banana plan above dried, then it is striped and twisted as a material in the form of rope. These ropes are strong and tough. They take on the natural color characteristic of natural fibers. These ropes are then to be used for weaving material, by binding each other or weaving each other into certain weaving type then into shape of product required. As a final process, it is treated with anti bugs / fungus, ended by re-sun dry them optimally and top coat their surface a protective clear NC (Netro cellullos –non toxic ) lacquer.