Ashtrays are objects that are often found at home, especially if someone in the family smokes. The ashtray itself can be purchased at furniture stores, and you can even make it yourself. Unique ashtrays from bamboo are one that is often made because the manufacturing process is easy and doesn’t require a lot of materials.

Ashtray as one bamboo craft products Useful for disposing of remaining cigarette ash. Even though it is small in size, its presence can support the cleanliness of the room. Imagine if you didn’t have an ashtray, your family or guests who smoke might throw away the ash left by burning cigarettes carelessly.

That is why ashtrays are needed in every home. If glass or ceramic ashtrays are very susceptible to breaking, then a unique bamboo ashtray could be the right alternative choice. Because it’s long-lasting, easy to get, the price is relatively affordable and you can even make it yourself at home.

Unique bamboo ashtray that is easy to find, Source:
Unique bamboo ashtray that is easy to find, Source:

What are the Advantages of Bamboo Ashtrays?

Every craft product created certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages. This is also what makes it different from other products, including the unique bamboo ashtray which has a multitude of advantages. Among the various advantages that bamboo ashtrays have are as follows:

1. Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo is a natural material that can decompose naturally in the environment. With these facts, practically ashtrays made from bamboo are more environmentally friendly than ashtrays made from other materials, such as ashtrays made from plastic or other synthetic materials.

Ashtrays are also a natural material that is very easy to find and cultivate. So, when using bamboo as the main material for making ashtrays, we can replant it very easily. That way, bamboo will continue to exist and we will not damage the bamboo ecosystem.

2. Light but Durable

Even though it is light in weight, there is no need to doubt the durability of bamboo ashtrays. Because bamboo ashtrays can be used for a long time without fear of breaking when dropped or being eaten by termites. However, it must be balanced with proper care so that it is always clean and durable.

3. Easy to Clean

Another advantage of the unique bamboo ashtray is that the material from which it is made is relatively easy to clean. To clean the surface of a bamboo ashtray from dust or cigarette residue, you just need to clean it using a cloth with a soft texture that is slightly damp.

Wipe with a cloth until all surfaces are clean, then air or dry for a while so the ashtray doesn’t get moldy because it’s wet. Make sure to clean the ashtray regularly to keep it in pristine condition.

Advantages of ashtrays made from bamboo material, Source:
Advantages of ashtrays made from bamboo material, Source:

4. Affordable Prices

Lastly, the unique bamboo ashtray has an affordable price. Yes, bamboo ashtrays are generally more affordable from the ashtray other materials because the main ingredients are very easy to find. Also, the easy manufacturing process also plays a role in the low price offered for an ashtray.

This certainly makes it an economical choice for those looking for a functional but still pocket-friendly ashtray. You can even make your own bamboo ashtray with tools and materials that are easy to find at home.

How How to Make a Unique Ashtray from Bamboo?

Now, as previously explained, you can make your own unique ashtray from bamboo using available materials. You can create it yourself according to your wishes and needs. So, how do you make a unique ashtray made from bamboo?

1. Prepare Tools and Materials

The first step that must be taken is of course to prepare all the tools and materials that will be used. To make an ashtray from bamboo, you need to prepare two pieces of bamboo in a large and small round shape.

One large piece of bamboo is used as an ashtray container while the other is used as ashtray legs. Then, several long pieces of bamboo that will be used as ashtray base covers, glue, coarse sandpaper, fine sandpaper, varnish, and finally a cutter knife.

2. Make an Ashtray Base

If all the materials and tools needed are ready, the next step is to make the base of the ashtray. It’s easy to make, just attach some split bamboo to large pieces of round bamboo using adhesive glue.

Stick the split bamboo until all the holes in the round bamboo are completely closed and form a base. Because the split bamboo used is long, cut it using a cutter knife to adjust the shape of the ashtray base so that it has a neat appearance.

Make sure the glue used can glue all the bamboo perfectly so that it doesn’t come off easily.

3. Sanding Process

If the ashtray container is finished and the shape is suitable, then continue with the sanding process. Sand the ashtray container using coarse sandpaper first. Sand all parts of the ashtray, especially the edges of the base that were cut using the cutter knife.

Make sure to sand all parts until the surface is completely smooth. If so, continue the sanding process using fine sandpaper to remove any residue from the previous rough sanding process.

How to make an easy and cheap bamboo ashtray, Source:
How to make an easy and cheap bamboo ashtray, Source:

4. Installation of Ashtray Legs

Then, proceed with installing the ashtray legs. To make ashtray legs, you simply cut small round pieces of bamboo into three equal parts. Don’t be too big, don’t be too big, adjust the size of the legs to the size of the ashtray container so that it can stand precisely.

Attach the three legs at three points on the side of the ashtray container using adhesive glue. Then scrape the top of the ashtray container a little as a place to put the cigarette.

5. Finishing Level

If all processes have been completed, the final stage is the finishing stage. Sand the ashtray down to the legs again so that it is smoother and less rough. Next, polish the ashtray using varnish to make it look shinier and more beautiful. Leave it for a while to dry and the unique bamboo ashtray is ready to use.

How easy is it to make a unique ashtray from bamboo at home? With simple materials that are very easy to find, you have got a functional bamboo ashtray.

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