In a dwelling, one of the elements that cannot be overlooked is choosing various types of furniture to be used. Because after all, the existence of furniture can make the occupancy more complete. In Indonesia itself, from various types of materials, teak wood furniture is often used as an option to beautify homes.

Teak wood is widely chosen as a material for making furniture in Indonesia because it is seen from its good quality and has a myriad of advantages. It’s not that other materials are not of low quality, it’s just that teak wood has been quite popular as a choice for making furniture since ancient times.

Recommendations Teak Wood Furniture from Indonesia

So what are the types of furniture from teak wood Indonesia that must be there to complement your residential interior? Here are some recommendations that can be used as an option to complete your new home.

1. Minimalist Nightstand

A minimalist bedside table is the first recommendation for teak wood furniture from Indonesia. As the name implies, a nightstand is a table that has a smaller design and shape than a cupboard or buffet. Generally, nightstands are placed on both sides of the bed.

Its relatively small size does not mean that the teak bed is only used as decoration. This small table can be used to place items such as cellphones, clocks, laptops, and night lamps. Often the nightstand is also equipped with drawers that can be used to store various items in it.

Recommended teak wood furniture from Indonesia, Source:
Recommended teak wood furniture from Indonesia, Source:

2. Wardrobe

We know that a wardrobe is a must-have piece of furniture, especially a wardrobe. Because of this furniture, we can store clothes so that they are neat, organized, and protected from dirt and dust. Materials for making furniture in the form of cabinets in Indonesia are quite diverse, one of which is teak wood.

Wardrobes made of teak wood can be said to be excellent and very popular in the community. Or maybe you also have it at home? Teak wood cabinets were chosen because they have strong durability, not easily moldy, not easily deformed, resistant to corrosion, and teak wood has beautiful fiber patterns and patterns.

Although teak wardrobes are relatively expensive, the quality is comparable.

3. Functional Shelf

Shelves are a functional piece of furniture that can be used to store anything, from obligatory functions to various prints. Call it like storing books, displays / decorations, various children’s toys, and storage box rattan can be placed on this one functional shelf.

It doesn’t stop there, shelves with unique designs can also be placed in various places. One of them can be placed between the living room and family room which also functions as a barrier.

Especially if the shelf is made of teak wood with a distinctive color. This will add aesthetic value to your home. So, it’s a shame if you miss the presence of this one piece of furniture at home.

Storage boxes can be stored and placed on functional shelves, Source: personal doc
Storage boxes can be stored and placed on functional shelves, Source: personal doc

4. Tables and Chairs

These two pieces of furniture are clearly a must have in all residences, because their functions are so vital. If you are looking for both furniture with unquestionable quality, then the answer is a table and chairs made of teak wood. Teak wood is characterized by its attractive and unique color and fiber pattern.

So that when applied to become a table or chair it will produce a beautiful combination. In addition, the two teak furniture from Indonesia are also sturdy, strong, mildew resistant, and insect resistant. So, it will last long in the long run as long as it is cared for properly.

5. Kitchen Set or Kitchen Cabinet

Currently, a kitchen set or kitchen cabinet is one of the furniture that must be present in a dwelling. How could I not, with a kitchen set you can store various kitchen furniture and food ingredients in it. That way, the kitchen area becomes more organized, neat, clean and hygienic.

Kitchen set from teak wood is the right choice in this case. Because the teak wood kitchen set does not conduct heat, it is very adaptive to the temperature that exists during the cooking process. Apart from that, teak wood can also be combined with other materials, if you want a kitchen set with a different look.

6. Cabinet TV Jati

As an electronic object that is enjoyed by all family members, of course you have to put the television in a safe place. In this case, a TV cabinet with teak wood material can be the right choice. The main function of the TV cabinet is clear as a place to put the television.

But furthermore, the TV cabinet can also fulfill the aesthetic function of the room because it can make it tidier and more organized. In fact, it is not uncommon for cabinet designs to be equipped with storage drawers at the bottom or both sides. So it can be used to store various items in it.

Choosing a TV cabinet made of teak wood is the right choice because teak wood can be combined with other furniture and adapted to the interior design of your home. To make it look more attractive, you can add wall decor from rattan or bamboo placed next to the TV cabinet.

A unique wall decor is placed next to the TV cabinet, Source: personal doc
A unique wall decor is placed next to the TV cabinet, Source: personal doc

Of the various teak furniture from Indonesia that have been recommended, which furniture catches your attention? However, whatever the type of teak wood furniture that will be applied to a dwelling, it will feel even more complete when combined with decoration. Be it wall decor or something like that.

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