Cultural diversity in Indonesia is one of the prides that should be maintained and preserved together. Of course with a variety of various kinds of care efforts. One of them is to love the various kinds of handicraft products that exist.

By loving handicrafts made directly by the hands of local residents or indigenous people using various kinds of natural products indirectly has a big role in preserving culture.

Sustainability of a culture is certainly one thing that is very important for the existence of a society, and Indonesian people are no exception. This is because cultural patterns like it or not are enough to determine the identity of a society that lives with that culture.

Therefore, preserving culture is the same as maintaining the identity of the community itself, although indirectly. On the other hand, ignoring culture is tantamount to ignoring identity. So, maintaining the sustainability of a culture even if only by loving local handicraft products is a big benefit.

Therefore, in the following, we will discuss more deeply about culture and its important functions for a society, including the relationship between a culture and the various kinds of crafts and arts that exist in a society. Examples of woven bamboo and the like. Here is the full review.

The Importance of Cultural Diversity and Its Benefits

Illustration of cultural diversity. Source: istockphoto
Illustration of cultural diversity. Source:

Culture can simply be understood as a way of life that is owned by a society that is formed from many elements and values ​​that are believed by each other as members of the community. The important role of the existence of a culture for society is more or less represented by the following points.

1. Culture as Community Identity

As mentioned earlier, culture is what is the reference for people’s lives, as well as a reflection of a society itself. Therefore, a society can be seen from its cultural development. In other words, to be able to see what society is like, it is enough to see what the culture is like.

The function of culture as an identity is arguably one of the main and most important functions. Because identity is the essence of everything, especially a society. The loss of an identity, it means the loss of a society even though the physical body of the community still exists.

2. Culture as Community Bond

Apart from being a community identity, culture also acts as a binder to each other as members of the community itself. Because, it is the values ​​in culture that become a reference as well as a guide for society in which a society develops based on the cultural style adopted.

Culture as a binder of society. Source:
Culture as a binder of society. Source:

So, it can be said that a society without a strong culture will become a society that is not tightly bound so that it is vulnerable to divisions and disputes between one another. Of course if this happens then the existence of a society can be very threatened. At least lose their identity.

Culture as Movers and Modifiers

A culture is not only limited to values ​​that become the identity of a society. Culture is also not just a unifying value. But the values ​​that exist in culture can be a driver and changer of other populations or other societies that are no more powerful than the cultural values ​​that influence them.

From this cultural function, we can conclude that there will always be changes in each society according to the fact that which culture is capable of changing and which culture is relatively colored. In this case, we can take an example of how western culture is relatively able to color eastern culture as it is today.

Cultural Diversity as a Source of Strength and Inspiration

Still related to culture as a driving and changing value, cultural diversity can also be a major source of strength for communities or individuals. In addition, it can also be a source of inspiration. One of the fruits of culture as inspiration is of course various forms and types of handicrafts.

Therefore, we can observe that the forms and characteristics of cultural products in the form of arts and crafts between communities are relatively different according to the cultural patterns adopted by these communities. Even so, there are still some similarities between cultural products between communities due to the existence of slices of cultural values.

The Relationship of Handicrafts with Cultural Diversity

Well, if the urgency of cultural diversity is as above, then another important thing is related to the relationship between culture and the craft itself. In this case, handicrafts can be regarded as a physical embodiment or physical product of the existence of a culture. Starting from handicrafts from wood material to stainless steel material

Strong relationship between culture and crafts. Source:
Strong relationship between culture and crafts. Source:

From the patterns and cultural values, various kinds, types and characters of handicrafts emerge. Where each type of craft is always motivated by certain values ​​and certain goals depending on the craftsmen or makers.

This will be very clear from the very striking difference between western cultural products and eastern cultural products, for example. Where various kinds of western products are relatively thick with elements of freedom. Meanwhile, various eastern cultural products tend to be the opposite.

From this description it becomes very clear the location or position of a craft in the midst of society. So, loving and preserving handicraft products is preserving the value of the cultural diversity of the community itself. On the other hand, ignoring cultural products is the same as ignoring culture itself.

So, that’s a brief review related to cultural diversity, the important role of culture to the relationship rather than culture and handicrafts themselves. Hopefully it can make us pay more attention to the various kinds of crafts that exist as well as inspire.

Don’t forget to share this interesting information and check out other interesting reviews about the existing world of handicrafts. That’s all and thank you very much for listening to the end.