Talking about bamboo crafts is endless. Due to the fact, sharing crafts from these materials has its own charm. Especially if you can make it yourself at home. As is the case with unique bamboo lamp that are easy to make using various materials that are also easy to obtain.

As one of the bamboo craft products, decorative lights can be the best option for unique room interior decoration. Not to mention, the presence of bamboo decorative lamps is also able to give a natural impression and the warm feel created by bamboo itself.

Even though they are made from various simple materials that can even be found at home, bamboo decorative lamps are still visually attractive. Generally, this unique type of lamp consists of bamboo pieces shaped into several interesting designs.

Then, it is equipped with LED lights to provide warm lighting. Uniquely, decorative bamboo lamps can be placed anywhere. As a wall lamp, corner lamp, table lamp, or even used as a hanging bamboo lamp. Everything can be adjusted to suit the preferences and needs of each room.

Actually, the process of making decorative lights from bamboo this is quite easy to do. Moreover, the tools used in the manufacturing process are not difficult to find. It’s just that it requires high precision. In order to get maximum results that are not only beautiful but also neat.

Tips for making your own unique bamboo lamp at home, Source:
Tips for making your own unique bamboo lamp at home, Source:

Tips for Making Unique Bamboo Decorative Lamp

As previously explained, making lamp from bamboo is not that difficult but requires high precision. By following the right steps and combining it with creativity, you can create a unique decorative bamboo lamp to beautify your room.

This time we will invite you to make a simple bamboo lamp that can be placed on a room table. The steps for making it are as follows:

1. Prepare Materials and Tools

The first and most important step to start this process is of course preparing the necessary supporting materials and tools. The tools needed include a glue gun, lamp holder/light fitting, lamp frame, electric cable, LED lamp, measuring tape or long ruler, saw, and of course bamboo.

Make sure the bamboo used is high quality bamboo. In order to produce lamps that can be used for a long time.

2. Cutting Bamboo

After all the tools and materials used are complete, the next step is the bamboo cutting process. Cut the bamboo into several pieces and into the desired size. Not too long, not too short.

To get precise cutting results, you can cut it using a saw. Make sure the bamboo pieces are the same length and shape.

In this case, you can use a measuring tape or ruler to ensure that the length of the bamboo to be cut is the same. It must be the same length and precise because this will affect the neatness of the resulting lamp.

3. Stringing Bamboo Pieces

After bamboo cut off into several parts as needed, assemble the bamboo pieces. Tightly arrange the bamboo pieces in a circular pattern around the previously prepared lamp frame using hot glue.

Make sure each piece of bamboo is installed firmly and neatly to form a stable structure. Don’t forget to check and ensure that each piece of bamboo is tightly connected to the lamp frame to get strong and long-lasting results.

Once you have finished assembling the bamboo pieces, let the glue dry completely before continuing to the next stage.

Bamboo lamps are able to provide warm lighting in the room, Source:
Bamboo lamps are able to provide warm lighting in the room, Source:

4. Installation of LED lights

Carefully install the lamp on the lamp holder or fitting. Then, install the holder and lamp on the frame that has first been installed on bamboo pieces.

Make sure the light is securely and stably mounted on the stand. In order to provide maximum lighting and according to needs. Also make sure that the installation of the lamp and the holder on the frame are precise to ensure the balance of your unique bamboo lamp.

5. Electrical Cable Installation

Connect the power cable to the LED light carefully. Be sure to check the quality of the connection and make sure the cables are securely connected at the connection points.

Next, make sure to check the cable whether there are any parts that are peeling and disconnected or not. To minimize the risk of fire or short circuit that may result from damage to the cable.

6. Light Testing

Test the unique bamboo lamp before placing it in the desired location. Make surelight well lit and able to provide the required lighting for your room.

This test is carried out to ensure that the lights function as they should and that there are no problems with the electrical cable. After everything is okay, you can make your own unique handmade bamboo lamp placed according to the desired location.

Apart from providing a unique aesthetic value to the room, making your own decorative bamboo lamp can also be a fun activity with family or friends. Because this process not only increases togetherness, but is also an activity to hone creativity.

Bamboo decorative lights can be a room decoration, Source:
Bamboo decorative lights can be a room decoration, Source:

So, there’s no harm in making this unique bamboo lamp. However, if you don’t have free time for that, you can get it in shops that specialize in selling unique room decorations.

Or if you want to get various other room decorations, you can easily get them at Harmoni Kreasi. Because we provide various Types of room decoration that can be chosen according to residential needs. We hope our information is useful and have fun creating unique decorative lamp from bamboo!