Bowls are one of the household utensils that everyone has. Bowls have various shapes, including the materials they are made from. One type of bowl that is currently very popular is the wooden bowl. Wooden bowls are often used as a particular alternative because of the many advantages and uniqueness they have.

The uniqueness of wooden bowl lies in their beauty and authenticity. The distinctive characteristics of the original wood colors and motifs are what make it look more attractive, unique and aesthetic. What’s more interesting is that bowls made from wood will have different patterns depending on the natural fiber of the wood used.

Apart from being used to serve food, wooden bowl can also be used as wall decoration as well as room decoration because of its beauty. Or it could also be as a gift and Eid hamper for friends and relatives. Also, using this type of bowl also has ecological benefits, because it is more environmentally friendly.

Various types of aesthetic wooden bowl for home furniture collections, Source:
Various types of aesthetic wooden bowl for home furniture collections, Source:

Types of Wooden Bowl based on The Material They are Made From

As the name suggests, this type of bowl is practically made from wood. However, not all types of wood can be used to make this household print. Based on the material from which they are made, wooden bowl are classified as follows:

1. Teak Wood

Teak wood is the most popular type of wood for processing into various crafts. In Indonesia itself, teak wood is widely used to make various household furniture, including making bowls. Teak wood is famous for its strong and durable characteristics.

So that when applied to make bowls, it can be used long term. The pattern produced from teak wood is also very unique and luxurious, and will always look shiny because of the special oil it has.

If applied to a bowl, it will certainly produce a beautiful and luxurious bowl. That is also the reason why teak bowls are so popular on the market.

2. Mahogany Wood

Next, there is mahogany. This type of wood is also quite famous for making various furniture products because of its uniqueness. Mahogany wood has fibers with a reddish color, where the older it is, the redder the color of the fiber becomes.

When combined with the right finishing, mahogany fiber will appear more shiny with a unique texture. So, it would be very suitable if mahogany was used as a basic material for making bowls.

3. Coconut Tree Wood

We all know that coconut trees are trees with a million benefits. Because from top to bottom, all parts can be utilized. The water can be drunk, the meat can be used to make oil and coconut milk, and even the shells can be made into crafts. The wood is no exception, which can also be used to make bowls.

Coconut wood has a reddish brown color that gets older, the color also changes. Unlike other types of wood, coconut trees have wood with larger fibers and a rougher texture. But with proper workmanship, you will produce a bowl product with a beautiful appearance.

4. Tan Wood

Can sapodilla wood be used as raw material for bowls? Certainly can. Using sapodilla wood as a material for making bowls will produce a unique product with an elegant appearance. Sapodilla wood itself has fibers with a brownish red color and a smooth texture.

Also, it has a high level of strength, so the possibility of its loss is very low. That way, bowl products from this type of material can be used many times over a long period of time.

Collection of wooden bowls from Harmoni Kreasi, Source: personal doc
Collection of wooden bowls from Harmoni Kreasi, Source: personal doc

Types of Wooden Bowl Based on Their Shape

Meanwhile, the types of wooden bowl based on their shape can be classified as follows:

1. Round Bowl

Round bowls are the type of bowl most often found on the market. Both in Indonesia and abroad. Considering that round bowls have been very popular for a long time, even today they are still the main choice.

Not only does it have one size, but round wooden bowl come in a wide variety of sizes. From small to large sized bowls you can easily find them.

2. Square Bowl

Along with the development of the times, the shape of the bowl, which is generally only round, has also developed as well. One of them has a square or square shape.

Regarding the function, they are also the same, both can be used to serve food and dishes as they should. This bowl shape is rare, but that’s what makes it unique.

3. Rectangular Bowl

Next, there is a bowl with a rectangular shape which can also give a modern feel to your residence. Just like round bowls, rectangular bowls also come in various sizes. So, it can be adjusted to suit your needs.

4. Oval Shaped Bowl

If you want a wooden bowl with an aesthetic and artistic appearance, an oval wooden bowl is the answer. Compared to square and rectangular bowls, this type of wooden bowl is more popular among the public. This is of course because the bowl shape is unique and functional.

The best wooden bowls we produce, Source: personal doc
The best wooden bowls we produce, Source: personal doc


That’s a review of the types of wooden bowls based on their shape and the basic materials they are made from. Maybe you are interested in collecting them, both for serving food and as room decoration? However, if you are interested in choosing other home decorations, you can easily choose them at Harmoni Kreasi.

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