Almost all parts of the banana tree can be utilized you know. The banana peel is no exception. What can banana tree fronds be used for? With a touch of creativity, the leaf of a banana tree that are usually left alone or even thrown away can be transformed into beautiful and unique handicrafts.

Banana midrib is a stem that is in the middle banana tree. Usually the banana frond has several layers that can be removed one by one. The banana leaf itself has the characteristic of being watery and has white fiber. Therefore, to make it a craft, the banana fronds need to be allowed to dry first.

Because banana fronds in a dry state will be easier to shape and apply. Maybe some of us are still quite unfamiliar and wondering what crafts can be made from banana fronds. But don’t worry, because on this occasion we will provide several types of handicrafts that can be made from banana leaf. So, listen to the explanation until it’s finished!

Banana wood unique furniture rattan vase, Source: personal doc
Banana wood unique furniture rattan vase, Source: personal doc

Various Beautiful Handicrafts from Banana Leaf

If you have a banana tree that no longer bears fruit, don’t cut it down and throw it away. Because banana leaf can be created into interesting handicrafts, they can even be produced in large quantities and sold. Below are some beautiful handicraft ideas that can be made with banana stems as the main ingredient, which include:

1. Tissue Place

Tired of the usual tissue box at home? Don’t worry, because you can create it with a combination of banana fronds. To make a banana leaf tissue box is also not difficult and of course it can be created as you wish. You can prepare a box or cardboard that has been formed into a tissue box pattern beforehand.

Then, attach the dried banana fronds to the tissue box using adhesive glue. If you want to be more attractive and interested in selling it, you can add various kinds of knick-knacks. That way, the tissue box also has a higher selling value.

2. Banana Leaf Bag

This one handicraft might be something new for bag lovers. Yes, because this time the bag is made from dried banana fronds as the main ingredient. This one handicraft can be used as a unique new innovation, but still functional.

How to make it is also quite easy, dried banana fronds that have been cut and then woven to form the desired bag pattern. Glue it using glue and wait for all the parts to come together.

If the bag pattern has been formed, you can add it with various accessories so that it can provide attractiveness and increase selling value. So, are you interested in making this unique banana leaf bag?

Banana bags unique from Harmoni Kreasi, Source: personal doc
Banana bags unique from Harmoni Kreasi, Source: personal doc

3. Banana Flower Craft

Lately, home decoration in the form of dried flowers is quite loved by the public. This is of course because of its easy maintenance, but it can give an aesthetic impression to a dwelling. If you are interested in dry flower decorations, then handicrafts in the form of flowers from banana stems can be the right choice.

To make it, you can neatly cut dried banana fronds into a shape that resembles a spoon. Then, take a stick or thin wood to attach the spoon-shaped banana fronds. Attach the banana frond using glue on both sides of the stick or wood up to half.

Repeat the steps and make as many flowers as desired. After that, put it in a vase and the dried banana stem flower crafts are ready to decorate your home.

4. Storage

If you have an unused box, don’t throw it away. Because you can reuse it to serve as storage box which is more interesting. The way to make it is also enough to attach dried banana fronds to the box.

Or you can use another way, namely weaving the banana fronds first and then attaching them to the box. Finishing it by adding cute knick-knacks or even leaving it plain will still be something interesting. In addition to being unique, banana storage is also functional for storing the items you have

5. Unique Wall Decoration

In every home, you must at least apply one decoration to fill the void in the wall. If you want  Wall decoration unique and unusual, wall hangings from banana stems are the right choice. To make it more complicated, it takes creativity and high precision.

But this is comparable to the results to be obtained. The first step to make it is of course to determine the theme you want to apply. Then cut the cardboard as the base and cut the banana fronds with a pattern according to taste.

To make it easier, you can sketch a picture on cardboard first. Then just stick the banana fronds carefully following the sketch that has been made. For maximum and durable results, you can provide additional frames.Now, a wall decoration made of banana fronds is ready at length.

Banana agel coconut shell photo frame unique, Source: personal doc
Banana agel coconut shell photo frame unique, Source: personal doc

Tips for Making Handicrafts from Banana Leaves

After knowing what handicrafts are made from banana fronds, this time we will provide some tips on how to make banana frond crafts. Where before making a banana frond craft, of course there are things that must be considered, including the following:

  • To make various crafts as explained earlier, first make sure that the banana fronds used are dry and of good quality. Good quality banana fronds are fronds that are completely dry from the tree.
  • If the banana fronds you get are dry, then don’t dry the banana fronds again. Because it can reduce the quality.
  • To get more natural results, you can use the natural color of the midrib. So it is necessary, mixed or given additional colors.
  • To glue the banana stem crafts, you can use fox glue. Because this type of glue is stronger when compared to other types of glue.

Those are some beautiful and unique handicrafts from banana stems that you can try at home. Don’t forget to also apply the tips and tricks to make it for maximum handicraft results. Good luck!