Flower vases are one of the crafts that have a high aesthetic value. Especially the type of antique flower vase. So it is not surprising that many people are interested in using these flower vases to decorate their homes.

Flower vases are also generally available in various sizes ranging from mini to large sizes that you can adjust according to your needs. This includes colors, patterns and so on.

A variety of flower vases are made with different materials and models. That way, it will produce unique works and different artistic values.

Antique Flower Vase; Recommended for Interior Decoration

What is your first impression when you see home decorating inspiration on social media or the internet? Amazing and beautiful isn’t it? It feels like redecorating our house. If you notice, there are lots of home decorating inspirations that involve antique flower vases.

The flower vase chosen is of course antique and unique so that it creates an aesthetic impression. There are two types of antique flower vases that can be your choice based on the choice of material.

1. Antique Rattan Flower Vase

Rattan itself is made of thorny midrib. Before being processed into a flower vase, it will usually be given a preservative to avoid mold. Rattan has advantages and disadvantages. Rattan has the properties of being light, strong, elastic, easy to shape, and cheaper than wooden vases. We need to know that rattan is susceptible to powder lice.

Rattan vases are not only strong but also have high artistic value. Source: unsplash.com
Rattan vases are not only strong but also have high artistic value. Source: unsplash.com

Rattan flower vases are perfect for storing dried flowers. You can place it in the corner of the room, on the table, and most often this vase is used for catalog photos or product photos. Display photos will be cooler and of course can improve the mood of people when they see it.

2. Antique Clay Flower Vase

The second is a flower vase from clay. Clay flower vases have long been in demand by the public. This vase is widely used to put fresh flowers, table decorations, even for product photos. This vase and flower decoration will certainly make your room feel fresher.

Variations of earthen vases. Source: unsplash.com
Variations of earthen vases. Source: unsplash.com

In addition to the unique model and shape, this type of flower vase is also a unique type of vase in the process of making it. Making flower vases from clay requires a professional craftsman. Because it requires special skills and not everyone can make it. You can see the aesthetic value of clay flower vases from the models and colors used.

In contrast to the type of rattan flower vase, this clay flower vase has properties that are prone to breaking. Same thing with glass flower vases. So if you have a clay vase, you need to be careful when cleaning it and pay attention to where to put it. You can put it in the center of the table.

Of the two types of basic natural materials for the flower vase, of course there are many choices of models and colors. For consideration, here are tricks for choosing what type of vase that fits your function and needs.

Simple Tips for Choosing the Type of Flower Vase

As a complement to home decoration, in addition to wall decoration, it is also a table decoration. For those of you who are looking for inspiration for the type of flower vase you need, you should consider the following trick.

1. Choose the Right Size

Before deciding to buy a flower vase, the first step you should pay attention to is the size of the flower vase. How tall is it? How wide is the neck? Because these two things are very important and influential.

If the vase height adjustment with the wrong flower length will make the appearance unbalanced, right? It is impossible for you to buy a tall vase while the flowers you have are the types of flowers with short stems. Likewise, if the width of the flower vase is not suitable, then instead of being beautiful, it actually makes the flower stems damaged or lose their shape.

Choose the appropriate flower vase size. Source: unsplash.com
Choose the appropriate flower vase size. Source: unsplash.com

Simply put, if you want a vase for a large flower arrangement, of course a vase with a large neck size. If the stem is not too long, you can choose a medium height. It’s different if your flowers are only a few stalks.

For example 1-3 stalks with a small size. Then choose a vase that is mini in size. Later it will be more impressed sweet. These mini vases and flower arrangements are perfect for placing on your desk. Product photos are also highly recommended.

2. Choose the Right Vase Model

For those of you who like the world of florists, you may already be familiar with these various vase models. The flower vase model will greatly affect the entire flower display. You can get various forms of vases at vase craftsmen. So don’t worry. You can also ask and consult directly.

The vase craftsmen will usually provide the best choices for you. From minimalist models to large vase models like jars you can find.

3. Harmony of Flower Vase Colors

This is no less important. Choose a color that is harmonious between the color of the flower and the color of the vase. Harmonious colors are certainly comfortable to look at, right? If you want to be safe, don’t want to worry too much, then the right color choice is a neutral color, such as brown, black or white.

You can also choose silver or gold for a more elegant look. Usually this will be suitable for industrial-style rooms.

4. Customize Home Interior Design

For example, if your house is dominated by white, you can choose a vase with light. Usually it will be easier to choose the type of vase. Meanwhile, if your house is in a classic style, it is dominated by brown or wooden interiors.

So a vase with a minimalist model, or a vase with a brown color is also suitable for this type of house. Both types of materials, namely clay and rattan, are equally suitable for making vases for both houses.

Such are the kinds of antique flower vases that can be an inspiration for you, ranging from basic materials to tricks for choosing a vase that suits your needs. If you are interested in various unique crafts, you can explore a number of unique craft products that we produce and provide.

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