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History always has a special place for some people who understand the importance of history and the historical values ​​that can be drawn from the series of historical events themselves. As a representation of these historical values, we then get to know various Indonesian antiques.

yes, antiques in relation to history have a fairly special position in society, especially for antique collectors. It is not surprising that all things that are considered antique tend to be highly valued according to their level of historical value.

A variety of antiques, of course, do not only have value in terms of history or stories, but can also be a promising investment instrument and that’s how it is. Because, the older and more historic an antique is, normally the more expensive it will be.

9 Indonesian Antiques

Indonesia, with its long history of travel, of course, does not only leave historical texts, but also historical relics in the form of various antiques. Of the many types of antiques below, we will review some of them.

1. Past Electronic Items

The first antiques that we commonly encounter are old-school electronic items. Take examples ranging from analog cameras to old radios. Of course, some of them can still function, while some of them are no longer able to function, so they are not infrequently converted to function as part of the room sweetener.

Antique electronic goods are suitable for interior decoration. Source:
Antique electronic goods are suitable for interior decoration. Source:

That’s why some old school electronic goods that are still functioning have a fairly high bargaining value. Especially if the physical condition is still maintained. In fact, it is possible that the price could actually be higher than the latest electronic devices.

2. Buku Antik

Books are also very likely to be included in the antiques category. This has been proven by the existence of quite a number of antique books that have a high selling value because of their historical value. In addition to the aspect of time and events, the author’s aspect also greatly determines how valuable an antique book is.

The author’s aspect here is related to the level of popularity of the author in his time. including the level of authenticity and scarcity of books. One of them is a book by Leonardo Da Vinci with the title Codex Leicester which is directly handwritten so that it is valued at a very high selling value of around Rp.442 billion.

3. Antique Cup

As an ancient decoration instrument, antique cups are also quite often the choice of antique collectors. Yes, even just a glass can be part of an antique that has a high bargaining power. Generally, antique cups are made of ceramic with beautiful carvings.

4. Indonesian Antiques Gramophone

Music lovers, of course, know this one antique. Yes, the gramophone which was originally a record player for music as one of the antiques is quite often encountered in various films with ancient backgrounds. This type of antique is also very suitable to complement home decor with an old school background.

antique gramophone. Source:
Antique gramophone. Source:

It should be noted that this antique item was considered very luxurious in its time. No wonder this item tends to only be owned by a handful of rich people at that time.

5. Qianlong Urn

Still related to the interior, antique jars are also quite loved by antique collectors. Starting from the size of a small antique jar to the size of a large jar. That said, of the many varieties of anti jars, the Qianlong jar is the most expensive in the world.

The Qianlong Urn, which is one of the relics of Emperor Qianlong from the Qing Dynasty, is known to have been sold at a fantastic price of Rp. 612 billion by a Chinese citizen.

6. Ancient Wall Clock

Ancient wall clocks with various sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest are not left behind to become a wall decoration option. What makes an ancient wall clock valuable is of course its historical aspect. However, other aspects are also quite decisive, such as aspects of design, materials to more specific aspects.

7. Postcard

postcards. Source:
postcards. Source:

Before the medium of communication was as easy as today, humans were still very dependent on the telegram and postal media or postcards. Postcards, as you know, have quite a variety of images and are very suitable to be used as collection objects. The rarer the postcard design, the more valuable it is.

8. Antique Painting

Antique painting seems to be no longer in doubt. In fact, ancient paintings have become one of the icons of antiques that most appear and are loved by collectors across all walks of life. How not, paintings are a reflection or representation of major world events, including the great works of legendary artists.

So it’s not surprising that later paintings that have a high economic value appear. One of them is a painting entitled Christ Mocked by Italian artist Cimabue which was successfully sold at auction for around Rp. 354 billion.

9. Old Money

Lastly there is ancient money. Yes, the existence of a medium of exchange has existed for a long time in the midst of human interaction in fulfilling their various wants and needs through various kinds of transactions. So it is natural that nowadays we can easily find various types and varieties of ancient currencies.

The benefits that can be obtained from investing in antiques are in addition to promising material benefits such as plants that continue to thrive with the support of fertilizers, there are also immaterial benefits in the form of care and happiness that are difficult to describe in words.

Those are some types of antiques that we can find in many countries and in Indonesia in particular, of course. Hopefully this review can add a little more insight into your cultural diversity. Thank you so much.