Water hyacinth is a type of water plants that can float. Despite having beautiful flowers that can be used as ornaments on the pond, it has a high growth rate so that the plant considered as weeds. Therefore, planting hyacinth plants is relatively easy. Here is the following things to look for when planting water hyacinth.

Selection of the Seed

In the selection of seeds, in fact there is no special tricks. All hyacinth plants can actually be used as seeds to grow water hyacinth. Currently, water hyacinth is not a rare plant. There are water hyacinths that grow wild and water hyacinth that grown by planting. So, any water hyacinths in any growth place will be the suitable seeds.

Place to Grow

As aquatic plants, the thing to be concern about is water. Water hyacinth is able to grow in clean or dirty water. But not in places filled with waste so that the water content is minimum. Because water is essential where water hyacinth can be grown. For example, water hyacinth grows in ponds, lakes and other similar places. In such a place like a lake, water hyacinth will be more fertile because there are nutrients derived from the soil on the bottom of the lake and animal feces.

Water Hyacinth Product

Water Hyacinth Product

Planting Process

There are no extraordinary ways for planting water hyacinths. So that we can grow this plant as in general plants. The variety is aquatic, so that this plant is growing in water. In artificial water spots, we can support the plants with nutrients from NPK plant fertilizer. While in natural water spots, the nutrients in the water containers are sufficient for water hyacinth plants to flourish. Provision of NPK fertilizer (if necessary) is once per 30 days.

Treatment Process

There is no special process for treatment. Hyacinth is sufficiently growing or fertilized depending on the type of water container where hyacinth grows. To distinguish between old and young hyacinths can be seen in the root color of hyacinth plant. If the root is blackened, then the water hyacinth is old. But if it is white, the hyacinth plant is green.

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